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5 Insider Design Tips From Kitchen Designers Who Know

Sep 2023

The kitchen is where memories are made, as well as messes trying to cook your favourite new YouTube recipe. However, It's not just a space for getting creative, it's a place for innovation, functionality, and style where your life is made easier. So, we thought, Who better to tap into the wealth of kitchen design wisdom than the experts themselves? We've sat down with our kitchen designers from Inline Designs to gather their most useful insider tips. Get ready to transform your kitchen into the one you’ve always dreamed of with these five gold design truths.

Flowers on dining table kitchen design.

Functional Features Are A Must!

No matter how visually stunning a kitchen may be, it's all for nothing if it doesn't function right, or is tailored to meet your needs. Kitchen designers at Inline Designs are perfect down to the practical detail. Every design choice, from layout to storage solutions, should cater to the needs you come to us with. We consider the kitchen's workflow, ensure easy access to essential tools, and optimise storage to keep clutter non-existent in your new space. A well-designed kitchen can completely transform how you feel in your own home.

Illuminate Features With Unique Lighting Concepts

Lighting can make or break a kitchen's ambiance. Our designers stress the importance of layering lighting to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere. Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting to add depth and personality into the space. Under-cabinet lighting not only enhances, adds a real  touch of elegance and can be the perfect finishing touch to illuminate your stunning new kitchen.

Kitchen lighting design.

Contrasting Materials Work Wonders..

Achieving a harmonious yet interesting design often hinges on the thoughtful combination of materials. Inline Designs' experts recommend striking a balance between materials that contrast and complement each other. For example, pairing sleek, modern cabinetry with warm wooden accents can create a juxtaposition that you’ll find in all high-end home design brochures. Whether it's the interplay of textures or the harmony of colour palettes, the right material mix can instantly give your kitchen personality and depth.

Thoughtful Colour Play is The Way

Colour and intricate patterns can set the mood in any space, and the kitchen is no exception. Our designers advise homeowners to think beyond trends and focus on shades that resonate with their personal style. Neutral tones create a timeless backdrop, while bold splashes of colour can bring added personality.

A Balance of Aesthetics

Inline Designs' kitchen designers get the delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality. We’ll connect you with a design plan that accommodates your lifestyle. From choosing durable materials to optimising counter space, each decision should reflect your design vision while considering the demands of daily life.

Start Your Kitchen Design Journey With Us!

These insider tips from Inline Designs' experts serve as a great starting point. A well-designed kitchen goes beyond aesthetics; it reflects your lifestyle, meets your needs, and sparks joy when you return home after a busy day. With functionality, lighting, material choices, colours, and practicality at the forefront of your design approach, you're well on your way to crafting a kitchen that integrates style and substance. Let these insider secrets guide you to excellence.

Herbs in pots on work surface.

Why Choose Inline Designs for Your New Contemporary Kitchen?

When it comes to creating the kitchen of your dreams, the choice of design partner is crucial. Inline Designs stands out for its innovation, expertise, and dedicated passion in the world of kitchen design. With a focus on contemporary aesthetics and a commitment to exceeding client expectations, here's why Inline Designs is your go-to destination for crafting a new contemporary kitchen that perfectly encapsulates your vision.

Unparalleled Expertise

Inline Designs boasts a team of design experts who are at the forefront of contemporary design trends. Our collective expertise spans architecture, interior design, and ergonomics, ensuring that your kitchen isn't just beautiful, but also meets all your needs for easy cooking, cleaning, storage, dining and relaxing.  From space optimisation to material selection, Inline Designs' designers have an innate understanding of how to create kitchens that seamlessly blend aesthetics and practicality.

Tailored Contemporary Aesthetics

Contemporary design is all about clean lines, innovative materials, and a harmonious balance of form and function. Inline Designs takes this concept to heart, crafting kitchens that celebrate modernism while reflecting your unique taste in every bespoke detail. Whether you lean towards minimalism, industrial chic, or a fusion of styles, Inline Designs will customise your kitchen's aesthetics to align with your vision.

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